Winnie the Pooh

Adapted from the stories of A.A. Milne

Dramatized by Le Clanché du Rand

Music by Allan J. Friedman

Lyrics by A.A. Milne and Kristin Sergel

Additional lyrics by Le Clanché du Rand

Directed by Leora Morris

Alliance Theatre, June-July 2018

Music Director: Dylan Frederick

Set Design: Mariana Sanchez

Costume Design: Fabian Fidel Aguilar

Lighting Design: Steven Love

Sound Design: Clay Benning

Stage Manager: Liz Campbell

Associate Director: Elizabeth Dinkova

Performers: Isake Akanke, Caleb Baumann, Grant Chapman, CJ Cooper, Maria Rodriguez-Sager, Joe Sykes, Mabel Tyler

Photos by Greg Mooney